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No Paper Title Session Author Name
1008 Novel Design of Dual High Band-Noctch UWB Antenna Based on CSRR and Parasitic Arms Antennas and Propagation : AP-1 Baraa Kareem
1009 New Design of Tri-Band, Small Size Microstrip Slot Antenna Based on Fractal Geometry for Mobile and Wireless Communications Zaid Abdul HASSAIN
1039 Design and Miniaturization of UHF RFID Reader Antenna Kawther Mekki
1050 A miniaturized polarization insensitive Frequency Selective Surface at Ka-band Rana Sadaf Anwar
1062 PSO Based Approach to the Synthesis of a Cylindrical-Rectangular Ring Microstrip Conformal Antenna Using SVR Models with RBF and Wavelet Kernels Mahmud Esad Yigit
1063 Pattern Synthesis of Linear Antenna Array via a New Hybrid Taguchi - Genetic - Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm AP-2 Mahmud Esad Yigit
1115 A Novel Design of Multi-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communications Younes KARFA BEKALI
1130 Multilayered Wideband SIW Antenna Incorporated with Slot and DGS Achmad Munir
1142 Design of a Multi-Layer Beam-steering WLAN Antenna Kardelen Yilmaz
1082 Miniaturized Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for RFID System Lotfi Osman
1148 Design and Implementation of Transmitting and Receiving Antenna Pair on Flat Ring Surface AP-3 Yiğit Haykır
1150 Design of Fractal based Monopole Antenna Array with Ultra-Mutual Coupling Reduction for MIMO Applications Dogu Cagdas Atilla
1032 A Dual-Band Frequency Selective Surface Design for Satellite Applications Esma Mutluer
1090 Systematic Design of a Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Using a Shape Super-Formula and the Characteristic Mode Theory Mohammad Poordaraee
1128 Multi-Band Compact Frequency Selective Surface Based on Modified Loop and Parasitic Patch S. H. Sedighy
1077 Study of a Conical DRA Array with Enhanced Bandwidth and Gain for C-band Applications AP-4 Lotfi Osman
1024 Design of SIW frequency agile antenna based on a varactor loaded on U-slot Fakher Sboui
1042 Hexagonal-Pixel Surfaces for the Reconfiguration of Inkjet-Printed Antennas Ozgur Ergul
1044 Novel Wearable Radio-Frequency Antennas Based on Woven Conductive Fabrics Ozgur Ergul
1046 Dual Band Edge Wall Slotted Array Antenna with Reduced Cross Polarization at X Band BAISAKHI BANDYOPADHYAY
1084 Design of 4x4 Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna Array for Actively Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) Radars AP-5 Muhammad Salman Ijaz
1126 The Effect of the Ground Slots up on the Bandwidth Performance for UWB Antenna Mohamed S. Soliman
1151 Size reduction technique of microstrip patch antenna using saw teeth slots Cagatay Aydin
1029 Design of Dual Wide Band Dielectric Resonator Antenna using Sierpienski Fractal Geometry RINKI GHOSAL
1072 Design and implementation of a directional antenna for a Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Mostafa Samy Abdelsadek Mohamed
1056 Integrated Substrate Integrated Waveguide Diplexer and Microstrip Antenna AP-6 Noor Hasimah Baba
1055 Designs for leaky-wave antennas using Metamaterial structures Sara Ghanem
1119 Numerical Analysis of All dielectric chiral Metasurface with Optical Activity property Ali Yahyaoui
1129 Ultra-wideband RCS Reduction Using Polarization Conversion Metasurfaces E. Ameri
1137 A Broadband Linear-to-Circular Polarization Conversion Anisotropic Metasurface Farooq Tahir
1124 A study of wave propagation in a pair of unparallel straight lines Computational Methods in EM : CMEM Anh Tuan Tran
1043 A Broadband Electromagnetic Solver Based on Multiscale MLFMA and Hybrid Integral Equations Ozgur Ergul
1045 A Radar Cross Section Reduction Method Using the Concept of Coordinate Transformation and Isotropic Dielectric Layers Canberk Pay
1041 A Perturbation Method for TM Scattering from a Conducting Strip Buried or Right on the Interface between Two Dielectric Half-Spaces Inci Umakoglu Dolu
1125 Estimation of Electrical Properties of In?nite Slab With Newton's Method Mehmet Nuri AKINCI
1147 Microwave Circuits with Exceptional Points and Applications in Oscillators and Sensors (Invited Talk) Microwave Circuits and Devices : MWCD-1 Mohamed Nada, Filippo Capolino
1071 A 50 Gb/s PAM-4 Optical Modulator Driver for 3D Photonic Electronic Wafer Scale Packaging Xi Zhang
1110 A High Speed 180 nm CMOS Cryogenic SAR ADC Mustafa Berke Yelten
1011 A High Linearity Broadband Gain Block/LNA MMIC with Diode Predistortion in GaAs pHEMT Technology Adnan Gündel
1028 Design of an 8x8 SiGe BiCMOS Butler Matrix L. Boccia
1078 Planar Slow-Wave Structures for Low-Voltage Millimeter-Band Vacuum Devices (novel approach for fabrication, numerical and experimental measurements) MWCD-2 Andrei Starodubov
1033 LCP Ultra-Wideband Self-Packaged Microstrip to Stripline Transition With Multilayer Balun Demonstration Khaled Aliqab
1127 Bi-Static Time Domain Study for Microwave Breast Imaging Zahra Katbay
1111 Design and Implementation of a Novel and Compact 2-Bit Wide Band Digital Phase Shifter Celal Avci
1092 A Wideband (3-13 GHz) 7-Bit SiGe BiCMOS Step Attenuator with Improved Flatness Yasar Gurbuz
1140 Chiral SRR metasurfaces for circular polarisation conversion MWCD-3 Mariem Aznabet
1095 Polarization Insensitive Metamaterial Absorber Using Sunflower Shaped Unit Cell Sinan Aksimsek
1023 Development of SIW LWA from non-uniform CRLH unit cells with SLL reduction Rihem Noumi
1059 Multispurious Harmonic Suppression in Compact Coupled-Line Bandpass Filters by Trapezoidal Corrugations TARUN KUMAR DAS
1075 RF Front End and Baseband Integration Considerations for Single Board GNSS Software Defined Receivers Tayfun Aydin
1031 Waveguide Switchable Bandstop and Bandpass Filters Using RF MEMS Switches MWCD-4 Xiao Li
1036 Transitional Butterworth-Chebyshev Filters Metin Şengül
1027 Compact Tunable Bandpass Filter for RF and Microwave Applications Fayrouz HADDAD
1104 Dual Band Filter Design for GSM Bands Using Frequency Mapping and Real Frequency Technique Serkan YILDIZ
1135 A Lumped Element Analog of Dual-Stub Microwave Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Resonator Farooq Ahmad Tahir
1106 A Numerical Approach for the Design of Matching Networks Consisting of Brune Sections Based on Fujisawa Constraints MWCD-5 Serkan YILDIZ
1114 Broadband Impedance Transformation by Defected Dielectric on Microstrip Lines Tolga Kaya
1136 Design of an Ultra-Wideband GaN Power Amplifier via Real Frequency Technique Sedat Kilinc
1141 Wideband Quarter Wave Transformer Based on Defected Ground and Split Ring Resonator Structures Yahya Yuksek
1105 Real Frequency Design of Multiband Matching Networks with Mixed Lumped-Distributed Elements and Foster Resonance Sections Serkan YILDIZ
1089 High Efficiency Wideband Power Amplifier with Class-J Configuration MWCD-6 Engin Çağdaş
1131 An Inductor-less Bipolar-MOSFET (BiFET) Dual Band Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) with Power Gain Peaking MUHMMAD SHAH ALAM
1098 A High Power, GaN, Quarter-Wave Length Switch for X-Band Applications Onur Memioğlu
1010 A High Linearity Wide Bandwidth GSM/WCDMA/LTE Base Station LNA MMIC with Ultra Low Noise Figure Adnan Gündel
1025 Power Amplifier Design Optimization with Simultaneous Cooperation of EDA Tool and Numeric Analyzer Lida Kouhalvandi
1093 0.13µm SiGe BiCMOS W-Band Low-Noise Amplifier for Passive Imaging Systems Yasar Gurbuz
1152 Recent Advances in Microwave Filter Design on Filpro Filters (Special Session) : FIL Nevzat Yildirim
1154 Design of Microstrip Quadruplet Filters on Filpro Sacid Oruc
1121 Design of Selective Linear Phase Cross-Coupled Dielectric Resonator Filters Onur Ozan Ozturk
1122 Synthesis Approach for Compact Ku-Band Waveguide Lowpass Filters with Wide Rejection Bandwidth Metehan Cetin
1123 Dimensional Design of Dual Mode Waveguide Multiplexers Gokhan Boyacioglu
1091 Phase Noise Reduction in Low Cost 24/77 GHz FMCW Sensors Microwave Systems and Signals : MWSS Mohammad Rezaei
1004 The Fast Multipole Method for Sparse Solution of Linear Inverse Scattering Problems Emre Alp Miran
1066 On The Inherent Self-Interference Suppression of Full-Duplex Phased Arrays Ilker Kalyoncu
1144 Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar for Range Detection Enes Burak Şahin
1058 Implementation of a SAR Demonstrator for Automotive Imaging Markus Schartel
1018 Homogenization of Microwave Metamaterial Structures Using Full-Wave Solutions and Genetic Algorithms Simulation and Characterization Techniques : SCT Ozgur Ergul
1019 Improved Fonts for Chipless Radio-Frequency-Identification Tags Based on Letters Ozgur Ergul
1016 Parametric study of different shapes-slotted substrate integrated waveguide for wideband Applications Diaa Fawzy
1049 Effect of Bending on the Characteristics of a Coplanar Textile Antenna Lotfi Osman
1040 Electromagnetic Propagation Modeling Over Irregular Terrain Using a New Hybrid Method GUL YESA ALTUN
1138 An Ultra-Wideband Millimeter-wave Antenna using a Novel Pentagon Filling Technique Wireless Communications : WCOM Farooq Tahir
1076 Design of Flexible Antennas for Wideband Mobile Communication Hilal Koc
1080 Circularly Polarized On-Chip Antenna for 60GHz Indoor Wireless Communications Arash Masrouri
1094 Measurement of frequency occupancy levels in TV bands in urban environment in Kosovo Hena Maloku
1048 A Wireless Power Transfer Application Using CSRR Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting : WPTEH Jong-Chul Lee
1068 Microwave Energy Harvesting by using a Broadband Fractal Antenna and a Dual-Band Rectifier Huriye Ozdemir
1085 Modified Patch Antenna with Matching Network for Energy Harvesting at Mutliple Frequencies Sadik Ulker
1088 Simple RF Energy Harvesting Circuit Using AMC Backed Bowtie Antenna Sandhya Chandravanshi
1149 The Analysis of Variation in Plate Geometry for Capacitive Power Transfer Pads Utilized in Electric Vehicles Dogu Cagdas Atilla
1038 A Comparison of Long-Range Licensed and Unlicensed LPWAN Technologies According to Their Geolocation Services and Commercial Opportunities Internet of Things : IOT Ylli Rama
1021 ZIGBEE Based Time and Energy Efficient Smart Parking System using IOT Zakria Qadir
1026 Smart Solar Microgrid Using Zigbee and Related Security Challenges Zakria Qadir
1134 Small Conformal UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Labelling Fruits Abubakar Sharif
1139 Concentration measurements of aqueuse liquid based on the RFID-UHF Technology Otman EL Mrabet
1079 A Novel Approach For Fabrication Of Flexible Antennas For Biomedical Applications Bio-Medical Applications : BIOM Andrei Starodubov
1022 Experimental Assessment of Wi-Fi Signal Levels in Indoor Environments Mimoza Ibrani
1074 RF Sensor for Adulteration Detection of Liquid Silicone used in Medical Industry Nilesh Kumar Tiwari
1034 Wireless Monitoring of ECG Signal in Infants Using SWM and DWT Techniques Zakria Qadir
1145 Cancer diagnosis in breast using biological and electromagnetic properties of breast tissues on antenna performance Nagia Ali
5001 L. Farina, J. A. Tobon Vasquez, R. Scapaticci, J. Rivero, L. Crocco, A. Litman,  and F. Vipiana , "In-line monitoring of food contamination via Microwave Imaging" Microwave Imaging (Special Session) : MWIM
5002 I Akduman, M Cayoren and H. Şahintürk ,“A New Multi Static System for Microwave Breast Cancer Imaging”
5003 M. He, W. Guo, and P. Kosmas, "A new antenna array design for microwave imaging through the head”.
5004 Gianluca Gennarelli, Lorenzo Crocco and Francesco Soldovieri, "Doppler radar for real time surveillance’
5005 S. Joof, G. Cansız, S. Özgür, T. Yılmaz, M. Cayoren, I. Akduman, "Tissue Mimicking Phantoms for Microwave Brain Stroke Imaging"
5006 M. N. Akıncı, "Detection of the Cavities Inside a Target with Near Field Orthogonality Sampling Method"
1005 Novel Variable Coupling Technique for Microwave Liquid Heating and Sensing POSTER Ali Abduljabar
1013 Examination of stability against beam parameters in a Ku band helix TWT Lutfi Oksuz
1015 A 77 GHz High Power and Gain Transformer-Coupled Amplifier in CMOS FD-SOI 28 nm Abdelaziz Hamani
1030 Practical Recurrence Formulation for Composite Substrates: Application to Coplanar Structures with Bi-anisotropic Dielectrics ABDELHAMID KHODJA
1037 Optocoupler Effect On In-Vivo Characterization For Human Body CommunicationBody area network; human body communication; optocoupler; balun; capacitive coupling; galvanic coupling Fouad maamir
1047 Analysis of performances of microstrip patch antennas printed on biaxial anisotropic substrates Mohamed Lamine TOUNSI
1052 Design Methodology and Implementation of E232LiFi System for Visible Light Communication Vaishali Anil Kumar
1053 Design of Biomedical Passive RFID tag Antenna Bassem jmai
1065 Feasibility study of LoRa ad-hoc network in a urban noisy environment Silvano Bertoldo
1081 Miniaturized and circularly polarized inverted C shaped patch antenna for X and Ku bands applications Mekimah Boualem
1083 RF MEMS Tunable Capacitor for Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Application in C-Band Range Ruddy Herard Chatim
1086 First Order Single Parameter Phase and Amplitude Sensitivity Analysis of GaN HEMT Osman Ceylan
1096 Combining GPS and GLONASS Range Observations for Joint Position, Velocity and Time Calculation Adem Kazoğlu
1118 Response of CPW Transmission Line to the Nearfield Waves of a Magnetic Dipole Mohsen Zahir Joozdani
1132 An amplifier design for cosmic particles radio detectors Alina Badescu
1146 Experimental Analysis of Range Detection for Portable SFCW Ground Penetrating Radar Achmad Munir

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